Is there a method to decrease the font size of tryton interface


Is there a method to be added to the code or to the configuration file to decrease the font size of the entire interface of tryton?

I want a solution if it is found of course so that the interface is appropriate and visible for all types (of resolution)!

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In case you’re talking about the GTK application, the solution will be to configure your desktop environment to set the right font size for the GTK applications (how to do so depends of the DE I suppose).

If you’re talking about SAO, then we don’t change the font size (except for some specific element). So I guess that your browser is where your configuration should go. If the issue arise only with sao and not other websites then it’s a bit strange but you can use a custom css file to change the look of sao.

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Yeah am talking about sao , i want to see the form view to be visible to all types of resolutions (for example on my laptop i design a form of xml , all fields are visible on mine and everything is normal ) then when i see the form view from another laptop some fields become not visible normally like i made them on the first laptop , so it force me to use the cursor to see some fields exist in the corners of the form and me i don’t want to do that.

what is the description i should do it to make a custom css file make me change the look of sao to be compatible with all resolutions of laptops.

Sao should work well with different resolutions. But if you’re expecting that all the fields are all visible on the screen without scroll bars I am afrraid that it’s an objective that you will never reach. Let’s reason will a form with 1000 fields, quite obviously it’s not possible to show them all on the same screen while at the same time preserving the readability. Hence there is a limit whatever you do there will be a scrollbar. Thus my advice is to accept this fact and live with it :smiley:.

But if you really want to, there is always the possibility to use a custom css file. You just have to create a custom.css file in the same directory as the index.html of sao. In this file you can use the css media queries to set the font-size according to the screen resolution (but it could become quite ugly because we’re already using media queries to make sao responsive what the result of mixing both will give, I don’t know).

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Something else you might be able to do (if you haven’t already considered it) is to change the zoom level in the browser, to make the whole interface smaller or larger depending on what laptop you are using Tryton on.