Is it possible to "undo" module config wizards

This is on version 6.0. I setup the db, then started the server and started progressing through the config wizard items for the modules.

However, I forgot to setup the currencies and exited.

The wizard items rare marked done. Is it possible to “undo” them or run them again?

I can just start the process again, but I thought I would ask this question anyway.

Go to Administration -> Modules -> Config Wizard Items and set the state of the different wizards to open. Next time you login the wizards will run again.

Just to complete the reply.

There is no need to logout and login to run the wizards. On the action button in the same screen there is the option to re-run the missing wizards.


Thank you @pokoli and @edbo ,

I did go to the Config Wizard Items and try to run the wizards again, but when I use the action button the wizard start however it does not display the form.

Also, I don’t think it is possible to change the state of the wizards. They are all set to done, but these wizards are not meant to be able to edit.

Just click on the state done and it will become editable. Change it to open and it run it again.

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Thanks, I was clicking on the row expecting it to change to a form view.

I click on the state column in the appropriate row and that’s when I was presented with the selection widget.

thanks :slight_smile:

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