Is it possible to only show available lots for production inputs?

I was surprised by 2 aspects of the production process, so I’m interested to know if I have this wrong.

The first surprise is that when trying to select a Lot on the input line using the “search” on the Lot field, the list of Lots displayed includes all lots even those that have already been shipped.

The second surprise is that it is possible to add a Lot that does not exist using the “add lot” button.

Is this expected behaviour in any implementation using the Production module?

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This is because the lot is based on the concept to track which lot the user has chosen in the warehouse.
So we do not want to prevent him to select the lot that he is seen because the data in the system is wrong.

This is for the same reason. If the number does not exist, he must be able to fill it.

Now a little bit like the “Replace Party” wizard, we should have a wizard to merge 2 lots that were created as duplicate. So we can merge their traceability.

This is an interesting idea and an approach I had not come across before. I suppose there are different scenarios, as in my case the lots for production are decided before doing the production. It also explains that the second surprise is intended.

I have to say, I still think this is wrong because the idea of a system is that it is correct.

I’m curious, are there any implementations of the Tryton production module where this behaviour is wanted/accepted?

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