Is it possible sao using different port

Just curios and maybe to make more distinct betweer python and web.

  1. Is it possible to install sao at other server , means do not install at the same server as trytond.
  2. If no 1 is yes, then how to link sao to trytond server(sorry, i do not see direct setting from sao which point to trytond server)
  3. Is it possible for trytond server using port 8000 then sao using 6000 (only example)

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Sao has no server so you need a web server to serve it.
You can use another web server than the Tryton’s builtin but then sao will post requests to this one. So this external server must forward (reverse-proxy) the request to the trytond server.
But frankly there are no much advantage for such architecture. Indeed a most common usage is to put a web server (like nginx) in front of trytond (werkzeug or µwsgi). This allow to support http2 connection or gzip compression for example.

yes I am agree in this. However, if doing in the docker, which separated sao, server(modules). It help to simplify for implementation and upgrade.

For which, most of the time we only upgrade the modules. So when we recreate the image of the server, sao will not be recreated.

Any feedback or advice are welcome

Indeed with the current docker images there is no need to take care about what is updated. You just recreate the image and everything (server, sao, modules) is updated.

For me this is easier to manage

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