Invoicing of service related to goods


I have some questions about billing service items, how do you suggest you resolve the following points:

Invoicing of shipping costs: I have currently added a service item ‘shipping costs’ to my sale. This service is billed as soon as the order is confirmed, whereas it should be billed when the goods are shipped.

Invoicing installation costs: In a quote with goods, I have added a service line ‘installation costs’. the equipment is delivered in several installments and for each delivery part of the installation costs must be invoiced.

Thank you for your feedback.

I think you are looking for something like this Issue 9999: Add module to allow services to be invoiced when they are done - Tryton issue tracker and New invoicing method when selling both goods and services

@edbo: Yes, thank you (again I did not find these articles based on my search terms)

A few years ago I discovered that a customer added shipping costs as goods instead of services and he came up with the same problem that you have now.

As it works for him in the way he did it (because he doesn’t use the inventory stuff), I didn’t do anything about it but made a note.

BTW, When you use “invoice service” in the search box the proposal came up.

If you use the sale_shipment_cost module, the shipment cost line added by the system is invoiced when the shipments are done if the invoice method is based on shipment.

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