Invoice online discounts

I can’t find an option to make a discount on the invoice line.
Do I have to activate any other module for this?

Discount is a commercial thing so you will find it at the sale level with the Sale Discount Module.

OK. And for the Purchase discounts that I can’t find in the modules?

As discount is a commercial thing from the seller, we do not need to store discount on purchase but just the actual price.

Of course, then I couldn’t save that data anywhere, right?

There are some suppliers that give you a discount and I would like to reflect it in some way if possible.

I think we need to store even sales discounts as purchase discounts, because when the company buys, they usually get a price list and a discount to buy it. It would be interesting to store this information and display it on the invoice.

Please provide use case.

When I send a purchase invoice to my supplier, I will need to let them know the “list price”, the discount applied, and the resulting net price. It will greatly improve our work to verify if the list price or the discount applied is correct.

That is why I think that the discount data will be useful, to verify and know from everyone who supervises the invoice that it is correct.

Why do you do that? It is the supplier that send you its invoice.


Who cares about the discount? It is only the final price that matters.

Of course, I’m confusing the concept, the invoice does not need the discount, where we need the discount is in the purchase offer.

When I send the purchase offer to my supplier, I will need to send the list price and discount.

It is not mandatory but it would be quite useful.

It is the supplier that defines the price and the discount, not the customer.
To receive its quotation, you care only about the price. Discount is a marketing tools to trick buyers mind.