Inventory management

For some time I have been involved in using Tryton for the operational management of a butchery. My work began with the creation of the business entity itself, followed by the onboarding of essential stakeholders, namely suppliers, customers and employees. Then, I set about adding the specific products sold by the butcher shop using the module dedicated to products.

Currently, the crucial step is to carry out a complete inventory of our butchery and implement effective management of stock levels. However, I am facing challenges in using Tryton’s inventory management module. If anyone with similar experience running a butcher shop using Tryton could provide me with any advice or assistance it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I don’t have any experience with butchery, but succeeded to make myself familiar with the inventory feature - which IMHO is quite tricky to use. If you want, I can show my very limited knowledge (sufficient for my business) on that. Drop me a PM in case.


You may be interested on the following topics of our documentation:

thank you for the links; I only work with documentation but here I need someone for this butchery use case or someone who has similar experience to help me

Thank you for your message and for your provision, so what would you advise me?

There is not su much specific on the butchery usage.

You only need to consider that if you need to track the traceability of products, you may activate the stock lot module and set the lot required for all the products you need to track the traceability.