Invalid number of digits in purchase order

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I have a case similar to @milagros.limahuaya, only that with quantities of kilograms in the products, in a purchase order it does not generate an invoice and the following message appears:

I go to the Kilogram UoM configuration and have it configured like this:

I would like to know what I am doing wrong or what I can do to solve this problem.
I look forward to your help. Nice day.

Could you copy paste the message error instead of using a screenshot because it is not searchable nor translatable.

The error is the following:

Number of digits in value “106.490000000001” for field “Current Quantity” in “Purchase Line” exceeds limit of “3”

How was created the purchase line because its quantity is not valid?

The line was created like this:

This purchase order must register 2 invoices, once I make a single invoice with an amount less than that of the purchase order, Tryton must generate another one with the remaining amount, but in this case it does not generate a subsequent invoice, because the message posted above.

Indeed I do not know this field. It is not a standard field.

Sorry, due to a translation problem, the field could not be copied correctly.

The field is as follows: actual_quantity
From the sale module

I think the problem is Issue 11503: Actual Quantity not always rounded - Tryton issue tracker

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Thanks, @ced for mentioning this effective solution. It is working.