Introducing wiki

With a lot of help by some fellows (special thanks go to @pokoli, @acaubet and @dotbit), I could resolve some basic handling tasks - such as shipment fees, drop shipment, move line templates etc. Out of this knowledge, I made some little HOWTOs which can now be found HERE.. Contents may be obvious to nerds - but believe me, they are not to average people.

As well there is a page which wants to develop a link collection of user guidance in other languages than English. At the moment we can provide links to documentation in Spanish and German.

This wiki - of course - is open for contribution. Please send me a PM, or ask @htgoebel for access to the wiki. All errors, mistakes and left-outs are on my account.
It’s a real pity that such a collection

  • can not be hosted at - and so can easily be found by everybody
  • and valued Mr. Cédric even refuses to place a link at

I do regard his argument “we cannot review all kind of external documentation” as not really valid. Hey - we are FOSS - nobody expects perfection, and everybody is welcome to improve and extend documentation. Tryton’s closed shop policies IMHO is violating the spirit of FOSS. That’s a sad thing which seriously restricts Tryton’s ability to grow. I hope that more fellows will speak out in this sense.



I kindly appreciate your effort on document everything and sharing it. I’m pretty sure it will help the tryton community so I will like you to give a big thanks to you.

Having said that, I do not think the negative messages you include in the post provide any value. I understand your opinion and I may understand your feelings. But you need to understand that you can not force other people to have the same opinions as you. Freedom is one of the values of FOSS, isn’t it?

Can you explain the reasons about this? I found this really annoying everywhere I found:

  • as user, because I’m not sure if my lang is updated with the same docs as others
  • as contributor, as I need to write the same guide in other langs

For me the best solution is to use English as the community is small and we can not have people dedicated to sync langs on the guides. And there are good tools to translate that.
Another other option is to have some translate going on (weblate).

We will also need to be aware of the tryton version the guide is working for, if some guide changes over a version, how should be documented the change?

More documentation is good. I would agree English is sufficient for now.

Greate point to have a Wiki, could you give me acceso to it.

Your host looks good with all the information, would be nice if you can have it at English for everybody.

Thank you for your thoughts on Tryton community Wiki. This is the way to make it better and more useful for everybody.

Guess my wording was not precise enough - so I did some editing. Could you now check again? - Idea of the first Wiki page is to provide an overview what’s available.

On translations:
IMHO, user guidance needs to be provided in as many languages as possible. Not every user is capable enough with English, especially when it comes to special terms on accounting etc. And why would people put lots of effort in translating the GUI? My guess is that we’ll get best results if contributors are writing in their mother tongue.

I’m doing some English because I get answers from the forum in English, so it’s not a big deal to create a paragraph in this language.

This certainly is true. But the present situation is so desperate that every bit of docu helps. Even if it’s hopelessly outdated or utterly wrong, it still may provide an idea how things work. For you guys things may be self-explanatory. But belive a simple-minded guy: They are not for ordinary people.

(E.g: I urgently need to use the stock forecast module, but I cannot use it, although I already started 3 threads on it.)

So at present, it’s a highly pragmatic and informal approach, aiming just to provide “something”. That may be incomplete, partially wrong and outdated, but it (hopefully) provides a base where better quality can grow.

Please ask @htgoebel, he’s in charge.

Thanks for your appreciation. Feel free to take the contents and translate them to whatever language you want. is a German-made tool which delivers good results in translation from and to German. Use them whereever you want, would be my pleasure. We’re providing text and the few pictures we use HERE.

I totally understand your concerns. My personal vision is to have a one main version (which probably will be in English) for all the common parts. And “somehow” have country-specific breakouts.

Don’t be afraid, native speakers will do :slight_smile: This works quite well for many other projects. (And if for some section the translation is outdated, you will get the (English) version. So at least you will not get outdated information. :slight_smile:

awesome, thanks a lot for all your efforts.

My own current use of tryton is clearly suboptimal due to the lack of such user guidance. And I abandoned a long time ago my initial project of proposing it to clients, also in part due to the lack of such user documentation.

All efforts in this direction are more than welcome. Thanks a lot.