The Tryton DACH community (DACH meaning DE, AT and CH - Germany, Austria and Switzerland, countries with German speaking people) proudly presents:

After decades of preparation we finally succeeded in creating a unified presentation of Tryton, with focus on adaptions and methods to deal with Tryton in our countries.

All sorts of comments and further contributions of course are very welcome. Feel encouraged to copy this idea or bits from it to create a specific presentation for your country.

the German Gang


No impressum? → Illegal in Germany


Big congratulation to the team

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Thanks for this valuable hint - fixed it.

As you are promoting OpenSource and specially Tryton, are ‘TSE-Ladenkasse’ and ‘Kitalux - Software für Kinderbetreuungs-Einrichtungen’ OpenSource as well? IMO they should be, as Tryton is GPL V3, and otherwise it may be misleading given the headline ‘Tryton DACH’.

Looks like an excellent contribution. Well done !

Google translation refers to “Open-source” when Tryton community refers to Free-software. It might be misleading if German and official documentations are not consistent on this topic.

Thanks for the hints on “OpenSource”, “Free Software” and non-free add-ons. I put these issues on the agenda of our next team meeting, we’ll see how to deal with that.

Indeed we use “Open Source” when describing the project as a status. And “Free Software” when it is the goal of the Foundation because it is a “political” action.
But you may find different distinction on the website when the words come from third parties (like presentations or service providers).

But no need to start a debate over those terms.

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Do you have an indication about the timeline?

We tried to iron out the maior flaws, the rest is under discussion.