International Sale doesn't require Tax

I have a scenario where I sell a product to an international customer, thus I should not charge tax.

What is the correct way to do this in Tryton?

You need to set the correct tax rule on the party.
On Party > Accounting Tab > Customer Tax Rule

Depending on the chart of accounts selected, the name can be different but should be something like “Extracomunitary Sales”

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Thanks for that. I also realised that you can just remove the tax line on the invoice.

I don’t know too much detail, but removing the tax is not what you should be doing. Adding the intracomuntary / extracomunitary is there to allow reporting to the tax authorities the base amount.

Either way can be done, use a tax rule or manually remove the tax from the line in the invoice. However the latter is manual and depends on the person to remember removing the tax before posting the invoice, which is prone to error. With the tax rule you configure it and assign it in the party’s form, accounting section. Hence it will be applied automatically.

You should not do that.

You should add a special tax for the international sales and add a ‘child’ tax which creates a negative tax to get the tax back. The end result is 0 tax for the customer and you, but you have it all documented now so reports can be generated and send to the tax authorities.

I don’t know how the different tax authorities work, but in Europe when I sell of buy something from inside Europe I have to report it on a specific tax and when selling, send a special report with tax numbers of the different companies I sold to.
Because I virtually payed the tax, I can also ask it back virtually. The company who sells the products to me has to do the same and now the tax authorities from the different countries can check if all the pieces match. It is to prevent fraud.

Edit: To make it complete you have to add a tax rule (Financial -> Configuration -> Taxes -> Rules). With that rule you can replace the ‘normal’ tax with the new tax you created as mentioned above. Then that tax rule should be added to the respective relations (tax rule on tab Accounting).

With that all in place adding a product for an international customer will now have the taxes automatically replaced.