Internal movement and transport

I try to manage material loan movements. As the material is still in the company’s possession, I created a specific stock location in the warehouse and I use an internal movement to move the loaned material out of the available stock. This fulfills part of the need, however if I have to ship the material, the problem arises, internal movements do not allow shipping by carrier.
Any suggestion to address this issue?

Did you use the stock_consignement module ? I seems that covers your use case.

About carrier, I do not think we support adding carriers nor shipping on internal shipments (as normally is the own company who is doing the movements) but probably is something that can be improved.

For me it sounds more like a subscription with asset. It does not move the asset but I guess this could be an improvement. I guess it would need to use a customer shipment if the asset is shipped to customer place and it should plan the customer shipment return. I do not think it is a problem that owned assets are in a customer location. But it would probably be better to use a dedicated location.

Maybe we just add a checkbox to the service which indicates if shipments should be created. In such case we can create the customer shipment and the planned return shipment.

It should probably be created by a scheduled task when the subscription is ended otherwise we may need to keep the date in sync and it could be validated by mistake.

I’m wondering if it won’t be better to create a button on the subscription for creating the shipment.

It may happend that you did not know exactly the end date of the subscription, so when the customer comes back with the asset you just create the return shipment and then finish the subscription

I guess both will be needed a button to manually force and a scheduled task to create those planned.

For the case in question, it is not a subscription with assets, but a loan of equipment for tests or for the realization of a proof of concept. The loaned material is the same material as that sold to customers, the difference in this case is that the material still belongs to the company (and as such must be valued in its stock) but will be delivered to the customer. To shed light on the rest of the process, at the end of the loan period the equipment can either return to the company or be sold.