Installing Tryton 5.4 client, server and modules with pacman and postgres (newbys by newby)



I found these:

I did not find anything regarding installing Tryton 5.4 on Parabola GNU/Linux.

About this post

The present post directs to a repository which shows a recipe to build Tryton’s client, server and (most) modules from the upstream sources with makepkg' andPKGBUILD’’s (useful for `pacman’-based distros). It also provides configuration files and how to initialise the PostgreSQL database and user (assuming that PostgreSQL has already been installed). It has other notes which some may find useful. Please, note that the file looks better on Emacs, but can be opened as plain text:


Do note that some `PKGBUILD’’s come from AUR, and some of them may require to migrate from python2 to python3. As an example, there is:

I cannot commit to answer questions (but may try) about this. I hope that it’s useful.

Arch linux packages (which use pacman) are available on aur but they are outdate as they use tryton5.2 version.

Probably the easies way is to update it’s packages and use them to install them directly. As Parabola is based on arch they should be compatible.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I sent this repository to the maintainer of the trytond package, and I did not get an answer (spam filter? G◉◉gle life?).

By the way, one of the differences to those packages is that what I proposed is linked to the files provided by Tryton, not PyPi. Another one, which I consider more relevant, is that one doesn’t have to download one PKGBUILD for each module, this one just gets all the files and builds all the packages in one operation.

I’m sure that they should be compatible to other pacman-based OS, indeed. I am not the maintainer of those AUR packages. Besides, the repository goes beyond that (in explanations) which is for what some people look. One more reason to quote the other posts :slight_smile: .

As I said, I hope it serves someone (may be the package maintainer, may be the community). Vive la Fran… I mean… Vive la liberté!

We prefer that you use PyPI or at least the CDN mirrors (the files are exactly the same) to not overload our main server.

Hi. The reason for which I decided to use the Tryton server was because I could not find some files on PyPi, and then I realised that there was a difference between them with the cdn:

│ wget -o /tmp/main/trytond-5.4.0.tar.gz
│ wget -o /tmp/cdn/trytond-5.4.0.tar.gz

│ sha512sum /tmp/{main,cdn}/trytond-5.4.0.tar.gz

e6316f5fa51a8ee4b97131f45febfee89807674ffc946a5726cfa8f2b70a2ba8f46ed7b0953376da3a03f708d42e58584068637ce25201642ef13cf3c2a43f6f /tmp/main/trytond-5.4.0.tar.gz
234c8732ff0075e1f1e5f8ed7bde54d58fcd535bd8850d3f5abb751c2cd7260fd20cd4d995c5fdb5c47fa9c4628b95c5c7d458651aa17aa54b4b271b689fb96c /tmp/cdn/trytond-5.4.0.tar.gz

I made the changes to the repo, but I can’t say if the recipe will continue to work. The modules were already using the CDN, it is only for the client and the server (tryton, trytond) that I was using the main server.

Of course the log files will be different. You must compare the downloaded archive with -O which are identical.

HAHAHA! What a stupid mistake! Thanks. In any case, the repo is changed : ) .