Installing modules

I did a Tryton install in a virtual environment and am able now to connect to the trytond server with the sao web client. In the Modules section there are only 2 modules listed ir and res. I did download the list of modules like suggested in a post and created a file “modules.txt” in the venv directory. Then entered the command pip install -r modules.txt. The error message is:
ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement account_asset (form versions: none)
ERROR: No matching distribution found for account_asset. How do I fix this?

The module names are not the package name. All standard Tryton modules are prefixed by trytond_ for their package name.

Well, then the post mentioning the modules.txt list mislead me. I added the prfix trytond_ to the first two, deleted the rest and reran pip install -r modules.txt. Apparently the packages were installed but the interface doesn’t show them in the Modules section.

After installing you should let Tryton know that there are new modules installed with
trytond-admin -c <your.conf> -d <your_database> -m
This will update the list of modules in that particular database and are then shown in the Modules section.

Thanks, that helped!

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