Installing gnuhealth and tryton. User can`t access to database for login failed

I’m new with tryton. I’m installing gnuhealth.
I allready installed gnuhealth and postgresql.
When I try to login in tryton it says: failed for ‘gnuhealth’ from ‘’ on database ‘gnuhealth’.
However, the user and password are correct.
I have already changed “md5” for “trust” in pg_dba.conf and put de correct uri in trytond.conf.
Also I configured the profile in login window.
But nothing works.
Thank for any help.

The application login has nothing to do with the database login.

Each user has its own login/password. On the first initialisation of the database trytond request to set the password for the admin user. Then with the admin user you can register more user from the administration menu (see Setup — Tryton server).

The very first time you log in, you must log in with the user “admin”.

Tthank to both, Ced and Basti.
When I login whit admin user, I need a password, then, where can I found it?

Reading another thread I found the way to set the administrator password:
trytond-admin -d tryton -p
but this doesn’t work, he says
“command not found, you can install with
sudo apt install tryton-server”.
However, I have tryton installed. I assume this is because I need to “move” to another folder.
If this is the correct way, what folder should I be in to do this command?
Thank you for yor dedication

if you use some kind of linux server
find . -name trytond-admin
should search for your command name.
You can add it to your $PATH
or, when you are in the right directory, use ./trytond-admin notation.

Thanks for your response, Cedric.
Configuration file for Tryton doesn’t explain where the configuration file is.
You help me? I don’t know where he is or his name for find it
Thank you, again

You can create it where ever you want, with the name you want.

Thanks for your quick response, Cedric.

Interesting to know that there’s an env that you can use to point to your file, so if you create the config file in your home directory ~/trytond.conf and you have
export TRYTOND_CONFIG=~/trytond.conf on your .bashrc you can omit the -c path_to_trytond parameter on the trytond command’s execution.

Thank you Adriá.
I will go for this way.