Instalar tryton para usar en web

Soy nuevo por aquí, y he tratado de iniciar una sesión en Tryton 6 pero no me deja, solo me da opción a hacerlo en la demo.
Por otro lado, quiero usarlo para utilizarlo tanto desde el cliente de escritorio como de la versión web, ya que tengo un dominio, pero no sé cómo vincularlos o ejecutarlo ya que no tengo mucha idea de programación y código.
Espero puedan ayudarme!

Tryton is based on a 3-tier architecture. So once you have the server part running, you can access it from anywhere using the desktop or the web client (if you install also the web client on the server).

I see…
I’ve installed the desktop version on my PC. Also I have a VPS running Ubuntu 20.04. I’ve installed Tryton using Docker, following the steps I found in different pages.
First, I installed docker, then tryton, created the databases and user but now, I don’t know if I have done all well or I’m missing something cause when I try to access, it doesn’t identify the database on the desktop client.
Is any other tutorial I can follow from the beginning of the process until the end?

Did you expose the port of the docker image to the outside?
Ideally it is better to use a proxy server which will be in charge of doing the SSL.

I set 8000:8000 instead an IP based on 127.00…
Also, I’ve tried to use nginx with https security, but i may be doing something wrong because, even i set up an user, the IP, the port 8000… it’s almost imposible to access from the desktop client as well as the IP in the browser…
Is there any guide for non-experts users to configure all paremeters step by step?

The docker documentation.

How can i do that? It seems i’ve configured but now it’s unabled to connect

Could you share the command you are using to run the tryton server? That may give us some clues to help you