Inherit Model saved in database

It’s possible to inherit a model, for example Production in another new model created in a different module, having a copy of “Production” in a different table of the database being able to make modifications in the methods inherited but exclusively for the new model?
I tried to make an import of the model that I want to inherit and use it in the new model:
from trytond.modules.production.production import Production
class NewProduction(Production):

Theoretically it should work (we do that sometimes with mixin) if you change the __name__ but probably not like you expect. This is just the same as copying this specific class. It will not receive extension of other modules that are extending the real production model.

AFAIU, the table name is generated from the class’ __name__ attribute. Thus if you change this in your NewProduction, this will create a new table. Anyhow all other extensions inheriting from Production will extend only the original model, not yours.

Beside of this, for me this sounds like a bad design and suggest you to rethink.

Thanks for your answers, finally I got it filling in the new model the _table attribute.
Anyways, I will rethink because of your comments.