Incorrect rending of a field (with symbol) in my XML

I’m sending a screenshot of the current representation where the label Quantity and the Field Quantity as well because as you can see up there its something like:

10 (with a lot of space between) u

whereas, I want something simple like Quantity: 10 u (without any spaces)


<label name="quantity"/>
<field name="quantity" symbol="unit"/>


quantity = fields.Float("Quantity", digits='unit', required=True, states=_states)
unit = fields.Function(fields.Many2One('product.uom', "Unit"), 'on_change_with_unit')

This is a regresion in latest 6.8 series that has been already reported on the issue tracker:

Normally the symbol should be positioned next to the fields.

Your code is correct, once the issue is fixed in tryton everything should be shown as you expect.

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