Incoming shipment: items are not found

Hello everybody,

in general, I know how to generate an incoming shipment.

But now I have a delivery from overseas; it is paid, delivery status is “waiting”. I create a new incoming shipment, hit the “+” on white background (“add existing record”) - but the opening window is empty, no items are listed as they are usually.

What could be wrong?


Did you enter the supplier first?

Thank you.
Oh, yes, I did.

Is the product template and variant a active, type == good, purchasable and not consumable?

Yes, all of these conditions are fulfilled.

  • Are you using sao or gtk? It happens on both clients?
  • If sao, do you have any error on the browser console?
  • If gtk, can you run the client on dev mode and check errors on the console?
  • Maybe if using sao on docker, the version has upgraded and you have to hard-refresh (Contrl + F5)?
  • Can you reproduce on demo?

The problem is that you can not find your moves. So let’s check that also, the incoming_moves add button have this domain.

                ('shipment', '=', None),
                ('state', '=', 'draft'),
                If(Eval('warehouse_input') == Eval('warehouse_storage'),
                    ('to_location', 'child_of',
                        [Eval('warehouse_input', -1)], 'parent'),
                    ('to_location', '=', Eval('warehouse_input'))),

Can you go to the purchase, and from the related moves, check:

  • that you don’t have those on another shipment?
  • that they are in draft state?
  • which is the from location and to location?
  • are you using multicompany feature?
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Yessss. That’s it. I moved my warehouse inbetween, the order was designed for the old one, but now went to the new. I could now receive it to the old one and then move it to the new one, but that seems a little odd. Can I actually receive it to the new warehouse? Change the destination at '“sale” is no longer possible.

Thanks a lot - you made my day!


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You need to use purchase_amendment module to change the warehouse of the purchase.

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