Including production locations in stock moves view domains

When opening the Moves view In Inventory & Stock → Moves we shoud a domain which includes:

  • From supplier waiting
  • From suppliers
  • To customers

But it may be interesting to include also the moves to production (as they are an output move like customer ones) and also the moves from production (as they are inputs moves like the supplier ones).

I’m wondering if it makes senes to add to additional tabs to include the production moves, or event to rename the tabs into “Incomming” and “Outgoing” tabs, so the user can easly find which moves go and leave the warehouse.



Not sure at all about which is the best option but from my point of view, it would be better to add the new tabs instead of rename the current ones.
Both cases are similar but sometimes users only want to search production moves or supplier ones. Also, the rename of the tabs can confuse some users.
Anyway, if finally the rename of the tabs is done, we should consider adding more type of moves like the ones from/to lost and found locations or also from/to a different user warehouse (and maybe some one more).

For me it will be better to simplify the view and remove unnecessary tabs.
The only really useful tab is the “From Suppliers Waiting” but we are also missing a “From Customer Waiting”. The other tabs can be replaced now by a typing a filter (since dot notation is supported).
And finally if we move the “All” tab at the end (as usual) we can remove the default “Created at” filter which can be confusing.

I agree about the “From suppliers Waiting”, but I do not understand which is the rational of having the “From customer Waiting” and do not have a “Incoming waiting” which includes also Production waiting moves. Could you please explain why you propose to add customer waiting moves?

This is what you are waiting from externals.

But with production_outsourcing production moves may be also waiting from externals.

Not stock moves but service.

The required product should go outside so the outsourcer can perform the service and it will come back after