Improving how to develop

After migration to heptapod, I think are missing some guide lines in how develop section.

Our questions are:

  • How to create new issue without labels? In case account user has not permissions to add labels, how should they do it? ( was an input to add the module name )
  • How approve a merge request? In case account user has not “approve” button actived, how should they do it? ( was LGTM)


If you do not have permisions to add them, others will add them for you.

Just add a comment expressing your feelings about the issue.

If it is just to say “LGTM” or “NOT LGTM”, there are emoji buttons for that.

Of course but I think we should avoid such comments and be more verbose. Emoijis do not provide any valuable information for others to improve.

For example in case of NOT LGTM we should explain the reasons why we do not like the implemenation and add some note about how to improve it.

In case of LGTM, i think its better to explain what the user tested and why it finds it interesing. This allows others to just skip such test and focus on others.

In resume: When leaving a comment, always think how the comment can the other person in the communication.

Just to clarify, to manage labels you need to request access as developer. So if you follow the guide to contribute you will have access to setting them.

I propose using the “approve” feature, as this can be used as a basis for automation later.