Improve working with price lists and individual volume prices


In a situation where individual volume prices per customer and per product are defined,
working with the price list module could be improved.

I am looking at the special situation where the volume price is not definable by, for example, one formula per “Product Category”, but individually per customer / product / quantity.


  • Product A:
    20 Pcs → EUR 12,50
    50 Pcs → EUR 9,90
  • Product B:
    5 Pcs → EUR 20,00
    10 Pcs → EUR 19,00

Example Screenshot:

With only 100 Products and only 4 price ranges per product, there are already 400 price list lines.

  • User cannot filter the price list lines - already solved in 6.2 - THANK YOU!
  • If user wants to know if a price for a product is defined in any of the existing pricelists, she has to go through every price list and look if the product is there.


  1. Relation from “Product” to “Price List Lines”
    This helps in a situation where user wants to know if the current Product or Variant is in any of the existing price lists.

    … which would lead to:

    This could be a standard feature of the product_price_list module.

  2. Make “Price List Lines” filterable
    Already implemented in 6.2 - GREAT!

  3. Show existence of price list lines on Product / Variant form
    At the bottom of the Product / Variant form, a symbol “Price List Lines” with the number of existing lines could show up.
    Analog to, for example, the “Invoices” in the Party form.
    This function could be an extra module, for example “product_pricelist_extra” or “product_pricelist_volume”, because it is only relevant for those who work with extensive price lists.

Any thoughts on this idea?

The difficulty is that it is not only the price list lines with the product that can influence the price computation of the product, for example the category (or lines without criteria).
So it can be a useful improvement but it must be done right that it shows the complete list of lines.
It should also support if custom modules are extending criteria.