Improve website title

Currently we use Modularity, Scalability and Security for Business as the title of the tryton website but i think it does not describe clearly enougth what tryton is about. This is clarified as the first sentence of our website: TRYTON is business software, ideal for companies of any size, easy to use, complete and 100% Open Source.

So i’m wondering if it won’t be better to update the title to a most concrete description. Maybe we should use: Open source business software

Do you have some better ideas for the title?

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I find that the current design works well:


Having a different title which will be similar to the description/<h1/> would be redundant.

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For me the main issue is that open source is shown at the end.

Normally an user will start looking by the title and if it finds something that is not rellevant for him will continue to the next result. And I do not find the current title relevant for end users.

This will make clear the both are important characteristics of tryton.

But if we do not want to include them two times I will prefer to remove “bussiness software” and “open source” from h1.

Or at least include open source as start of the sentence because now is too hidden at the end.

It depends of the goal.
For me, the goal is to catch as much as possible people searching for software for their business. So “Open Source” is not the most relevant keyword.
More over, Tryton is already well referenced as “Open Source” but not without.

So what do we try to catch with Modularity & Scalability and Security for your bussiness ?

People looking for a business software with those behaviors, qualities.

People looking for a Business software will type exactly business software, business management software, business management solution, erp software, etc but developer people will use keywords like modularity, scalability or open source. but is important use keywords that using both people.

i tested on google keywords planner and google trends and actually assigned keywords have low Average monthly searches.

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