Improve timesheet reporting

The timesheet module has the following reports:

  • Works
  • Hours by employee
  • Hours by employee per Week
  • Hours by employee per Month

All work great but they are simpler than the current Sale reporting. I think it will be great to follow the same desing and have only two reports:

  • Hours per Work
  • Hours per Employee

On each report we will show the sum of timesheet (as done now) but also an sparkline showing the evolution per record and a timeseries detail.

The main improvement is that we can now add also a tree_open action to show the details of the record per week, month and even year. Also, we can include the cost on each report when the timesheet_cost module is activated.


I do not really see the point. Timesheet reports are mainly there for control. There are no tendencies to discover.

I guess we could merge the two last reports into a unique generic one and include other grouping period. But I do not see the point to force user to open first the not grouped report. Those reports are mainly for control so usually a company will check weekly or monthly (I doubt there will be any yearly check).

I do not see the point.

The main point is to control recurring tasks. We have some maintenance tasks I want to control how much time we invest on it on each month.

This is not possible currently.

Also for maintenance contracts. I know that i receive X€ each month for the maintenance contracts but currently i do not know how much employee costs they have on maintenance.

For you are applying on a specific case general requirements.
So your requirements are about having a maintenance management module. This is like we have a project module that manages all this kind of requirements but from the project point of view.

Well we currently have two sources of data:

  • sale subscription to generate the invoices for the maintenance
  • Timesheet to track the costs of the maintenance.

But of course having a module to manage maintenance will give us a better overview of the information.

Our case is very service specific. I’m not sure if we can have a design that works well also for maintenance for tracking maintenance and guarantees of sell products. If we can find some design that works well for both cases it will be a good improvement.

In your case the reporting should be done on subscription.

Ok, the subscription may be interesting but currently the subscription does not allow to track it’s costs. So probably we may need to have a sale_subscription_timesheet module that works similar to product_work but for subscription lines (when the service has a timesheet option activated).

Do you think this can be part of standard?

I guess it could be standard. But I do not think the subscription line is not the only way. There could be also the “Service/Task” discussed in New invoicing method when selling both goods and services which would be created based on subscription frequency.