Improve queue management in tryton worker

In deployments with many workers or workers for dedicated queues I found some limitations in the worker configuration.
For instance I have an interface with another application and all the model syncronizations are managed by queues. So I have prioritized workers based on queue names, this is a queue for products, another one for parties, another queue for sales, … and a default worker with no queue name for the rest of data.
In this scenario I cannot control that all records for queue “product” are managed by this queue due to default worker (with no queue name) does not apply any kind of filtering.

I propose to improve trytond-worker parameters to allow some configuration that exists in others distributed systems like celery:


For me, it will make the code more complex for almost no benefit.
I do not see the point to prevent a worker to work a queue if it has free resource.
Also such implementation will require to make SQL query with an IN instead of = which is more difficult to optimize.

FMPOV the benefit is to have full control over queues and workers.

I see your point.