Improve Heptapod experience


Since Migration to Heptapod, I’ve been feeling frustrated by the lack of performance the app/web provides in Tryton’s repository.
I’ve been using Github mirror or my own local repo as alternatives to check code instead of the platform, but when it comes to merge requests of big features (See #102), I can’t help it.

First of all I’d like to know if anyone has been experiencing this, any tips around settings, preferences, etc.
Also, I’d like to bring this issue (if it is), to the Heptapod team and help to track down the source and/or contributing to the solution if posible, so if any of the repository owners can leave a reference to the correct place to bring this to their attention I’d appreciate it.

This post is 100% in order to improve the experience, I love the new way to handle the development and I mean no offence to anyone, I’m just frustrated like I said about this situation.

Thank you!


2 examples that repeat everyday, very frequently.

Trying to check SAO

Commit information

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Normally if you have a local copy of the tryton repository on the laptop you will be able to see all the commit information and files locally, which is much faster than using the web browser?

Did you considered such option?

Like I said, to avoid using Heptapod I’ve been using GitHub and my local copy.

I find it more appealing and encouraging for the community having a single tool to explore, bring issues and MR working to its fullest potential instead of having to use my “own resources”.

Also, I’m thinking about more scenarios:

  • As we (members of the repository) have seen in the past, we need to give the permalink into the current bug/code in order of proper documentation. How may I do this from my IDE? Should I rely on my IDE integrations with Git/Hg VCS?

  • I don’t have my working hardware around and I’m trying to communicate / help / reference something in the code to a fellow contributor or worker.

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You’re not alone :slight_smile:, I also have been frustrated by heptapod’s performances when browsing the repository.

It’s nice that you’d like to fix the issue but I must say that I don’t know much about gitlab and the heptapod overlay to help you on this level. I’m sorry …

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Is the dark theme something from heptapod / gitlab itself or is it your own theme (darkreader or another addon)? Those addons can slow down the app a bit.

Also with the latest upgrade of heptapod everything seems to be more responsive to me. I tried to get the error pop up, but couldn’t.
I think that it’s all about caching. Using the issue from your first post it took some time to load, but now it’s cached and fast. So the caching mechanism should look at how big the issue of MR is and cache it way longer or shorter.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t do either, I’m just down to learn and explore the codebase as I did when I learnt Tryton :slight_smile:

I use the native Dark mode experience from GitLab (and I assume Heptapods implementation is the same).

Indeed, credit where credit is due. I do also feel it’s more responsive than the start.

Sure, caching does help, and the MR should “easily” be cached, but I’m more worried on issues like not being able to access SAO for example.

Their own repo heptapod / heptapod · GitLab has also the same problem. Using the browser console a call to stalls for a long time, the app errors but in the end data comes through but then it’s to late.
I also experience now more lag then my first post (maybe more people uploading MR’s etc?). To me it seems to be more of a server or service to busy but that’s something for the heptapod team to discover.