Import parties - telephone

My assumption is that the phone number goes under “contact info/SIP” ? - True?
Nevertheless, I always get an error

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saying "phone number “none” of party [12] is not valid.
Here’s my example file:

The “import” feature is a really picky one…


I think phone number is under contact mechanism , also a valid number format if I’m not working it’s like +01 3101234567 depending on your country .

I switched to English - but neither there I can find “telephone” or so under “contact mechanism”:

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I don’t belive I need a special module, the “party” module is installed and activated.
Even if I throw out the phone stuff from both my contacts list and the import dialogue, I get that error.

A phone number is a contact mechanism of type “phone” and a value containing a valid phone number.
I think you are confused because the import window display also readonly fields (which exist sometimes just for technical reason), so I filled Issue 9317: Hide readonly field from import window - Tryton issue tracker.

Hey Cedric, are you never off (duty) ? (-;

Your issue seems to be a good thing and answers another question of mine. But I still do not know where I actually find the “phone” item to refer to. I cannot find it within the “contact mechanisms” list.

I think you could try importing it from Contacts Methods table/window. Then you should relate it with the party. If not you could use proteus.

Thanks for trying to help me, very much appreciated.

Sorry, I cannot understand what you mean. Is “contact methods” the same as “contact mechanisms” ? - If not, where do I find it? - How do I “relate” it with the party?

Proteus seems to be a kind of programming language. I’ll not be able to manage that… ):

Yes, that table / window. Try exporting existing telephones, then change some numbers and import it again. You will need to use a a number or ID for the party.

Try importing something like this where Tercero is the party code:


It worked for me.
You should do it from Contact Mechanism.

Thank you for your patience!
We may have come to “a”, maybe even “the” core problem. I did not yet provide any party ID yet, my believe was that tryton creates it on its own when creating new records. But the mechanism seems to work in a different way. I added another column called “ID” and my only test record got the ID “23”, which was not used before in the parties list. But now I get this message:
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How do I deal with that? - Can I make tryton generate new IDs, or which is the recommended approach?

This is the dialogue I used:

Is it the right one?

I think you should first import all the parties, then export them with their codes. After that, make a table where you relate the contact mechanism with the parties. Example: tel 1, party 1, tel 2 party 1, tel 3 party 2 and then.
Then you go to Contact Mechanisms and click import from there. So what you will be importing would be contact mechanism that are “owned” by a party.

In the meanwhile, I understood that parties and contacts are two different things which cannot be handled in one import. Correct?
So I tried to strip down contact info to “company only info” and create my first import. Wow! It worked a little.
But now, I cannot find how to create the “party” entry. This is my test file:

It works without the 1st “adresses/party” column, but leaves the main party field empty. If I use the 1st column, I always get the error relation not found in

What can I do?

What are you writting on party? I think you should put the party code.
So you will be importing a lot of adresses with all their info and just one column with the party code. The same with contact_mechanism.

Confused. I need to fill the company name into the “name” field (besides the “code” box):
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Then it’s displayed in the parties’ list:
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If the company name is not in the “name” filed, this list entry is empty - how would I identify the company in the list?

Try just putting the code. The program will join the Adress with the Party (by the code). Once its made you will be able to see that info in the party view.

I always feel that I very basicly do not understand the process. So it must be hard for you to understand and solve my problem.

Let’s start over again:

  • I’ve got an empty tryton. Nothing in there. Zero. No IDs. No names. Nada.
  • I’ve got a CSV list of party data - company name, address etc.

How can I make tryton to import my CSV list and create a company list from that? - I could provide a vcf file as well, but that seems to be much more complicated.

Maybe you should use Proteus to import your data’s into Tryton.
See example for the tryton demo: tryton-tools: 2db1df034e01

Yes, I learned that this is the recommended strategy. But as I never learned a programming language in my life and now I’m at the age of fifty-something, this is a really huge access barrier to tryton.

I tried some other ERM systems, CSV imports in most cases were nothing to really think about, as an experienced user, you just DO them. Tryton is the first system, where CSV imports are such a nightmare.

I’ve been struggling with that for more than a week now and cannot get forward to explore more of tryton for that reason.

Thats because our model to store data is quite normalized to avoid data duplication, so it’s not stright forward o fill them.

Could you please share which information are you tring to import without succes so we can give some tips?

An import of parties with a single address should be stright forward. I may see some problems when importing multiple contact mechanisms for the same party but once you understood how it works it should also be doable.

Here is an example of CSV file to import party with one address and one phone number:

Name,Addresses/Street,Addresses/Zip,Addresses/City,Addresses/Country,Contact Mechanisms/Type,Contact Mechanisms/Value
John Doe,3116  Retreat Avenue,04005,Biddeford,US,phone,+12072841908