Import MT940 file

I would like to import a bankstatement in MT940 format.
I have selected the import file in import statement popup window and is now asking to select a file format.
I however can not see how to select/add this MT940 file format.

Thank you for your reply.

There is not yet a account_statement_mt940 module to support the MT940 format.
It should not be difficult to create one using

Hi Cedric,
Which formats are supported?

See all the statement modules at Accounting — Tryton Documentation latest documentation

Some time ago I created a “bug” to add an extra tag into the list of rabo_tags ( What is the best way to get that fixed? Without this tag, we almost get nothing out of the description.

Just submit a patch to the issue on

Can I use the script which I also use for Tryton?

Yes, you should use the --server flag to use a diferent server. So you should do: --server

Followed by other parameters you are currently using.

Seems that there is a MT940 (for RaboBank) available somewhere.
Is there a way to obtain, install and test the the module?
For me as an enduser it is crucial to have a module like this to be able to import bankstatement.

Thanks, Wil

A few years ago, I created a custom module to import MT940 statements from (only!) Rabobank into Tryton. This module have some extra’s specific code for the customer (this was before the module account_statement_rule existed). I’m trying to get that specific code out of the module because with the proposed changes those are not needed anymore. Also before I can put the module up for review, it still needs a lot of attention so it follows the right code guidelines and have tests.

For modules importing statement files what we normally do is include a simple file (one line is enought) on test folder and import it on an scenario which validates the correct lines are imported.

See for example the account_statement_aeb43 module tests.

From what I have seen as replies there is no MT940 module available yet. As an enduser I just want to test Tryton including basic modules and I consider the import of bankstatements (incl. MT940) as a basic module.
If this is not available now can you provide an estimate on when it will be available and/or what it would cost to make it available.
Thank you.

Tryton is a community project developed by many people/companies. There is no schedule (except the fix time released) because development relies on the free will of participant.
The project does not sell neither developments (and so does not do quotation). If you want to have a quotation you should ask to the companies providing services.