Import data with One2Many with Proteus


I have the following code:

data = {
     'name': 'test',
     'code': '0123',
     'addresses': [{'city': 'Aix en provence', 'zip': '13090'}],
Party = Model.get('')
party = Party(**data)

it works, but in the addresses field i have 2 addresses, the first one being empty, is there a way (syntax) to only have the information i put in the addresses key of the dictionary?


This is because proteus set default values first (and party has a default_addresses which return an empty record). Then it applies the values passed. The xxx2Many values passed extend the exiting list.
An option is to pass _default=False which will prevent to set the default value (but for all fields). Or you can just pop the first address before saving: party.addresses.pop(0).

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