Image (from attachment) in report

Hello everyone,
Is it possible to load an image (attached to a shipment) in the shipment report (recalling the image by its name)?

You can check out the example given in relatorio 0.10.1 documentation.

You have to create a frame and define the field

After some testing, I think it is not possible to see an attachment (of a shipment) in its report …

I do not see why. The only difficulty is to get an attachment that is an image. This will probably require to define an function field of type Many2One that returns the proper attachment.
But as attachments are unclassified data, it is often better to add a specific field to the main record to store the qualified data.

I agree with you.
My question is how to insert an image (from an attachment) without editing the Tryton code (via the report only).