I get an error message of "Incompatible version"

Hello, I am new to this software and after installing it and trying to connect through the web (SAO), I get an error message of “Incompatible version”.

The current versions I have installed of Tryton are:
trytond = 6.8.2
tryton = 6.8.1

Do you know where the problem could be?

Hi Diego,

You can connect to trytond using either tryton or sao (web)

If you are trying to connect through your browser it means that the version of sao which is on the server is incompatible with trytond (also on the server).

Do note that sao (web) has to be installed by the administrator.

Please do check that the version of sao is 6.8.x, if not then you need to update it.

Hi dotbit,

How can I know the version of my sao?
What command does this look like?

There i am lost.

I guess you could check package.json file, or CHANGELOG file inside the installed sao directory on the trytond/webserver.
This is the directory that is your web root.

The version appears: Version 6.8.1 - 2023-05-17

I just saw where the problem is.

It’s because of the Firefox browser. In this one it doesn’t work giving this error.
However with the Chrome browser, it comes out without problems.

Thanks anyway dotbit!!.

Glad you fixed it.

I never had any problems with sao and firefox.
Demo seems to load fine for me with firefox.

In the demo it works for me, but in the tests I’m doing it doesn’t.

I don’t know what it could be due to.

Now I’m seeing how to do the translation of the language.

It is possible that you have cached an older version of Sao in FireFox. So emptying your cache of the browser should work. You can also try first with a new private window of FireFox.

It’s right. she was the cache :frowning:

Anyway. We continue…

Thank you.

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