Human Resources module for tryton?

Hello Everyone ,

is there any human resources module available for tryton ? seems i can’t find one


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“Human resource” is a quite generic word. What are you precisely looking for ?
There is the Company module which defines employee, the Timesheet Cost module which define cost for employee, the Timesheet and Attendance modules to track times.

management of staff and the holiday calendar
management of employment contracts
management of holiday and sickness breaks
managing claims processes
management of staff performance
management of skills and competencies

Staff is managed by the employee models of the company module.

For me tthe most interesting point is:

Specially to have a workflow where the employee asks for a leave or holiday and this is aproveed by some other user. With this information we should also have a place where the employee is able to show the number of days he may take from holidays and so on.

It is also important:
management of salaries, advances and social payments (health, social security, insurance, etc.)
working hours management
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Maybe you’re interested in these two modules:

We’ll probably soon release another module for managing skills (or knowledge silos). Don’t have a date for, though.

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