Howto update the monthly release


May I know normally how to update the monthly release?
Or will it update the Demo website so that ,especially, the client side can experience the update before update

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There is no monthly update as there is no monthly release. We just share what it has been done on the development version. If you want to test such changes you should build a development environement and run them.

Note that migration between development series is not fully guaranteed (altought it works most of the time), so it is not recomended to use on production databases.

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Hi @pokoli ,

thank you for your explanation. Now I understand :smile:.

I am very interested on “Users can now configure for each view which optional columns to display .”

But do not know how to set up to view. :smiling_face_with_tear:

You can setup a development instance following our development procedure. From there you will be able to test the new feature.

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