How to work out the location of the root directory of the web server on windows?

I’m having trouble figuring out why I’m getting a HTTP 405 error when running a local Tryton instance on my Windows 11.

The Tryton server is running fine as I can use the Tryton desktop client fine, but I’m getting a 405 attempting to use the web client.

I have downloaded, unpacked and installed the SAO client in a local directory and set the web root option to the direction: root=~/code/sao-6.8/.

What I’m thinking is that Tryton is not actually reading Sao from that location, but I don’t know how to check where Tryton might be reading files from.

For me ~ expansion is not supported. You must use absolute path (or relative from the current directory but it is not recommended).

But we could support it.

The solution that worked for me was to use an absolute path. Please note that you should use “forward slashes” instead of the “back slashes” I used in my post.

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