How to view accounting

Dear Community,

I creates Sales, Customer Invoices in Try ton but I do not know how to view accounting of Account Receivables, Account Revenue, Account Stock and Account Cost of Good Sold.

Please help me to view it, thanks much.


You can open the chart from “Financial > Charts > Open Chart of Accounts”. You get also all the reporting in “Financial > Reporting”.

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Dear Ced
Thanks for your help.
Please help me in this case: In Inventory & Stock, I take Customer Shipment and then take Moves, I want to view account stock and account cost of goods sold after that. How can I do? Or how do I setup?
Thank you very much.

If you want to do perpetual stock accounting, you must use the account_stock_continetal or account_stock_anglo_saxon (probably the last one as you are talking about COGS).
To have it work correctly, you must use sale and purchase orders and configure the fiscal year to use a the proper stock accounting method.
After that you can find the accounting move created by searching on origin having the particular stock move. (We should probably add a relate: Issue 9190: Add relate from stock move to account move - Tryton issue tracker).

Dear @ced
I setup account stock method in fiscal year is: Anglo-Saxon, and then setup Category Product already.
But after Customer Shipment, I check on Account Move, it is not value and only one Account Stock Customer (the picture below).

In move lines, I want Account Cost of Good Solds is debited, Account Stock Customer is credited. How must I do to complete this Stock Journal?
Please help me to fix it, thank you very much!

I guess your stock move have a unit price of 0 so there is no value to put on the account.
unit price is usually filled by the purchase using the purchase unit price that’s why I said to use the orders.

Yeah, exactly!
I fixed it already. Thank you so so so much, @ced

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