How to use wizard within Flask


I would like to use the purchase_requests inside my flask app, but don’t know, how to handle wizards.

To generate requests I’m using following:

purchase_request = tryton_pool.get('purchase.request') params = { 'products': (product,), 'warehouses': None, } requests = purchase_request.generate_requests(**params) request, =[('', '=',])
And now comes the point, I need to update the request with party,quantity, etc. Do not know, how to proceed to purchase_line or how to perform = my_party

This is the code I’m trying to simulate wizard behaviour, but stopped at the argument in wizard.execute().
wizard = tryton.pool.get('purchase.request.create_purchase', type='wizard') session_id, start_state, end_state = wizard.create() wizard.execute(session_id, ???, start_state)
Or if there is any other approach, how to simply use purchase.requests, please show me directions.

Thanks for help,


I do not think it is wise to run wizard in automate way. Wizards are designed mainly to ask information to the user. It is particularly the case of this wizard.
So it is probably better to create yourself the purchases depending of your custom scenario.

Thanks a lot, I’ve made it up as you recommended.