How to use the product attribute module

I’m using Tryton 7.0 and just wanting to use the product_attribute module.
After installing it and activate it, I was able to add attributes and create an attribute set.

However, when I try to associate an attribute set to a product variant, I can’t.
The search bar is disabled and I can’t add a attribute.

Is there something I should do to let user link attribute set to product variant ?

Sorry if it’s a beginner question, but I didn’t find any documentation or forum thread on this subject.


you also need to add the attribute set to the product template to use it in the products variant. HIH

Ah, thank you, that’s weird because the “Attribute” tab didn’t appear on “Product Template” edition. After logout/login it was ok. Maybe, I didn’t see that I already have a “Product template” tab open while activating the module, so it didn’t properly reload after activation…

Anyway, it works !