How to use the “Default Locations”?

When this module is activated, it adds a “Default Locations” tab on Product/Variants which lets you enter Warehouse and Storage locations. These entries don’t actually seem to do anything. I thought when doing a Internal Shipment, and you picked a Product to move it would offer to populate the “To Location” with one of the “Default Locations” but you are forced to pick a “To Location” before even specifying which Product. Therefore, I ask does stock_product_location doing anything besides add some text fields that can be populated and read?

Those locations are used as default locations for:

  • Supplier Shipments
  • Customer returns
  • Production’s output moves

How/where are they used for Supplier Shipments?

I have received product from a Supplier, they are now in a “input_zone”.
How do I use the “Default Locations” to move them from the “input_zone” to one of the designated “Default Locations”?

Once you set a default location for the product it will be used as destionation location of the inventory moves of the supplier shipment.

The supplier shipment is received using two steps:

  • Incoming moves: From the supplier to the incoming location of the warehouse (aka input zone)
  • Inventory moves: From the incoming location to the default location of the product

This way you first receive all the goods from the supplier in the first step and then store them into the storage location of your warehouse in the second step.

Yes, I can manually search/select the destination for each item from the supplier. My point is it does not use or select anything to do with the “Default Locations” that I can see. I have to go through ALL the possible destinations on each item, there is no place it lets you select from the pre-defined “Default Locations” which I would have thought is the purpose of “Default Locations”. Maybe I’m overlooking some option here.

You should not modify the location on the first step (incommig moves) but after you click on the receive button you will see that the default location is set as destionation location of the inventory moves (second tab of the form).

Ok, I now see where this happens.

Thank you for your help.

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