How to update field Multivalue?

Its my first time using Multifield value and maybe i have somethings wrong.
I want an a Text field (by Company)

I have this code:

class PurchaseConfiguration(metaclass=PoolMeta):
    __name__ = 'purchase.configuration'

    comment = fields.MultiValue(fields.Text('Comment',
                         domain=[('company', 'in', [
                                 Eval('context', {}).get('company', -1), None])]))

class PurchaseConfigurationComment(ModelSQL, CompanyValueMixin):
    """Comment for every company"""
    __name__ = 'purchase.configuration.comment'

    comment = fields.Text('Comment', translate=True, depends=['company'])

That field i used on report. My problem is that the first time that I Save the value for field, the value store on Db correctly. But want i try to edit/update the value on “Client” and seems saved but really the new values doesn’t stored in DB. I cannot update this value on DB and as i tell when i try to print report the Value to show is the first saved record. Think its weird :frowning:

Such domain on a Text field has no meaning.

Your field is translated so the value will be stored in the ir.translation model.
Also if the ValueMixin field is translated, the field on the ModelView should also be translated.

PS: the depends on company is pointless.