How to unpay an invoice and cancel it


Is there a way to cancel a paid invoice? I posted and payed and invoice, but the client change his tax identifier and address at the end of the last month and don’t notified me, so I need to unpay the invoice, cancel it an do a new one. How it could be do?

Thanks in advance!

Just use the credit invoice to create a credit note, and create a new one with the right details.

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At the moment I can not use credit note, is there another way to cancel it?

The only way to cancel an invoice is by issuing a credit note. I do not see why you could not use a credit note, it is a standard document.

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I know that usually a credit note is all needed, but in the current company we don’t have credit note activated by legal issue.

I do not understand what it means but credit note is the only way.

you should unreconcile the invoice and the payment to mark back the invoice as unpaid.

To do it, go in Party menu, select the party, and in relate menu choose “Payable/receivable lines” ; remove the filter to see all the lines ; select the lines and use the action “Unreconcile lines”.

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