How to subscribe bus


I would like to send the message to bus to trigger action.
Example: post to bus using channel Reminder.
From the message to filter and select action.

But may i know where in trytond to put the subscribe for the channel?

Please advice

What message?
Which action?

Filter what?

Recently, I am doing a project to read the value from temperature sensor.

I would like to send a bus message to trytond.

{'channel': 'temperature',
'message': {'sensor': 'temp001', 'temp': 40}

So from trytond which i would to subscribe bus with channel ‘temperature’ and record to database. But when the temperature is more than 50 then may send the alert to control room.

trytond does not receive bus message.

What protocol does the control room support?

I saw the document trytond listen to the bus message by Post.

Currently I am using ROS2 as the controller and intend using trytond as the logic/business control. Send to control room using webservice

Best regards

This is for long polling request.

But I do not see why you would like to use the notification bus (which is for the clients).
You just have to POST the data using the JSON-RPC request or a custom entrypoint.

Oh, because I think Bus can use at the server side. Then, if so, i can use it.

Thank you for explanation

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