How to setup web interface on Debian

It seems that there’s no working contact method for the Debian maintainers of Tryton, so thought I’d see if anyone here might be able to give some guidance.

I am trying to work out how the web interface is meant to work with the Debian package. The config file that gets installed seems to have defaulted the root to /usr/share/tryton-sao/www, but /usr/share/tryton-sao/ doesn’t exist. I also can’t see any separate sao package I should be installing either.

This is Tryton 5.0 that is in the Debian buster archive.

If anybody can shed some light on how it’s meant to be configured, that would be great.

I can’t give you any definitive answers because I am not involved with packaging Tryton for Debian.

However, it looks like the tryton-sao package for 5.0 is not yet available, but maybe being worked on:

I think you can’t find any tryton-sao packages because earlier versions were not available. This I think was due to incompatibility with the versions of bootstrap and jquery that came packaged with earlier releases of Debian:

So, until it is available, you may have to look at installing Sao from source In order to do this you will probably need the npm package installed.

tryton-sao was available for Debian jessie, but no more for stretch. This is due to unmet dependencies for proper packaging inside Debian main.

A little bit the other way round: dependencies were met by chance in jessie, but they didn’t in stretch. FWIW I didn’t check for buster yet.

Indeed the way to go currently.

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Thanks for your work, and for correcting me.

I did do a quick search for tryton-sao on but it didn’t return any results, so I didn’t realize it had been packaged for jessie.

You are completely right in that I retired it from NEW because of the foreseeable problems and thus it was finally not included in any stable release, but only available via The available packages can be seen here, but beware of any non-jessie packages lurking around…:wink:

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So, I’ve built it locally, and then copied the files to my server, in order to not install npm. This seems to work, so I suppose there would always be the option to do the same thing in the Debian package if there are still dependency issues as a workaround.

Now I just need to figure out how to use Tryton.

Also, does anyone know why I keep getting this error every couple of minutes?

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/trytond/transactionpy", line 207, in commit
psycopg2InterfaceError: connection already closed