How to send sms to any new registerd user

I dont know if any body could help with how to go about it having an sms sent to any new user reguaterd.
Anybody with the code can help out

There is the authentication_sms module which allows to use an sms code as two factor autentication.

Is that what you are searching for?

What do you mean by that?

When a user is register i mean a party it send sms like “welcome to tryton”

This is for user login i want tge one for user creation

Maybe this could help ?

I think TS means that when a new user is created, you can click on the “reset password” button. The user then gets an email with a new password. But instead sending an email, TS wants to send a SMS to the user with a password.

So IMO, when you add an employee to the user, you have the party, so you can have a contact_mechanism which can have a phonenumber. That phonenumber can be used to send an SMS to. Eventually to make things way easier, you can just add a phonenumber-field to the user form and use that for sending SMS. This is done with the authentication_sms_module which Sergi mentioned. The only thing you have to do, is digging a bit through the code of res_user (correct me if I’m woring) to find how the reset-email-button is working and adapt that to send an SMS instead of an email.

Ok i dont know how to actualy install modules to the server if you could help with guide am using unbutu for the server

You can copy the module source on the modules folder into your trytond instalation directory or install the modules as python packages (from pypi or downloading the sorces and executing python install)

i did that but unable to see it in the modules activation box

You should update any module to refresh the modules list or execute tryton-admin with the --update-module-list flag

can you be more simple so i can understand

in trytond/bin

trytond-admin -c <config file> -d <database name> -u <module name>

This is What i was trying to say

This would also work for gnuhealth becauae i did it and i was getting so error