How to see current employee on client (GTK,SAO)

Currently in the client you can see the following information in the header.



But there is no information from the current employee.

In some cases Tryton retrieves the current employee for treatment.
example: use of current employee for quoted_by and confimerd_by information.

It is necessary to go into user preferences to know the current employee.

In the case of a “backoffice” user who manages several employees, it becomes difficult to know the current employee before launching a treatment.

How do I display this information at the client level for a quick view?

  • Modify the header and add the current employee in addition to the login. But there is a risk of duplicating information if the name of the login is the same as the name of the employee.
  • Display employee name instead of login name but take the login name if there is no employee

The company module overrides the get_status_bar method of the user to include the company name and the currency.

I guess we can also add the employee and the current warehouse to the status bar information

We are limited by the size of the status bar.
So for me, we should add only new information. For example if the user as only one employee available for its current company, there is no need to display the employee. Idem for the warehouse if there is only one warehouse etc.

Just my 2 cent: when you are refactoring you should move the “Tryton -”-part to the end of the string because this is already indicated by the icon. For me the Company is the most important - but this may differ.


Here is an implementation of the proposed changes: Issue 8994: Improve user status bar - Tryton issue tracker

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