How to save password for Gtk client

I use full disk encryption to not have to type everything’s password, and not worrying about unsafe applications about this.
How can I enter Tryton with only selecting saved profile?

Most of the password manager or keychain support to copy/paste the password in an entry.
I do not think Tryton should include such password manager as it is a hard job to get it right.

Just add a “password” variable at ~/.config/tryton/…/profiles.cfg and a checkbox to GUI login, labelled as “Unsafe remember of password”.

Well this will not be safe storing in clear text password in a configuration file.
But I think it will be doable to create plugins that enhance the login process (like Connect Tryton to Gluu using oxd-server). Such plugin could request password from password manager and automatically fill the entry.

I prefer an offline solution than Gluu. No third parties should be required for any feature inlinked to online services.

Maybe we can use the secrets library to store them on gnome-keyring or similar

I made some tests with for another app.
Easy to implement and working on multiple os.

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It would be nice if tryton supported kerberos. I would be surprised if this requirement hadn’t come up yet, as I think companies that implement an ERP usually use something like ActiveDirectory or FreeIPA.

We have a module that allows you to authenticate using a central ldap server.

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I’m aware of that, but I’m talking about the client getting a kerberos ticket and presenting that to the server. Doing the authentication server-side to the ldap server kinda defeats the purpose of kerberos and single-sign-on.