How to retrieve lines from other model?

Hi Community
For example, after create a document with a number, put that number and retrieve lines added to that document from other model…


You should get the module from the tryton pool and perform a search operation to retrieve the records from other model. For example:

from trytond.pool import Pool
pool = Pool()
Line = pool.get('sale.line')
lines =[])

lines will contain a list of all the existing lines.

You should use a domain to restrict the lines using a criteria.

On the other hand, if you need to create a new module, you can just use the active record pattern:

Sale = pool.get('')
sale = Sale()
sale.number = '1'
sale.lines = lines

But if you need to create a lots of record, it’s more performant to create them in a bunch:

Sale = pool.get('')
to_save = []
for i in range(1000):
    sale = Sale()
    sale.number = str(i)

Hope it helps!

Thanks for information @pokoli my idea is have a field in new module to put number and retrieve lines from other module . I will test this