How to reset a password through web interface


I would like to change a password but it is not obvious to me what to do first through the web the interface (version 5.6).

Which should I do?

  • First start typing in the password field then press Reset Password.


  • Press Reset Password first and a dialogue will appear.

(It would be more obvious if the option not to be taken were greyed out or inactive.)

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You can fill a new password and save.
Or you can click on reset password to generate a new one that will be sent to the user email address (there is a tooltip on the button that explains that).

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Thank you for your answer. I understand and it works.

I have a follow up query about changing the admin password through the web interface, series 5.6.

Part way through, browser popup appears during password change. Not sure what it was for or if it is problem with Tryton or browser.

Enter new password


A pop-up appears that I have not been able to figure out how to satisfy it. I found that cancelling it was the only thing that worked for me.

Cancel. Then another dialogue appears.

Enter the NEW password. (This could be more explicit.) I think the logic of this is to log back in with the updated password rather than confirmation of password.

At this point says the record saved.



It should be fixed by Issue 9535: Authentication popup on RPC request - Tryton issue tracker.

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