How to reference real future cost_price instead of average cost_price in sales price_list

In reading Update cost_price and list_price instead on just cost_price after a product purchase - #6 by jeromarquez it is possible to have a formula base upon cost_price, which is the average [FIFO] historical cost price (as used for company margins).

How to base then upon the future cost_price (purchased and/or developed)?

You need to extend the product_cost_price module to include a new variable with the future price.

You mean to put all the logic from purchase? ouch.

I’ve been wondering, perhaps there should be two cost related prices.

One used for real margins as is calculated now (average) on a company and potentially warehouse basis,
and another that can be used in conjunction with sales for the quotation/sale in progress.

Something that could help incorporate either supplier catalog fixed cost prices or perhaps even special supplier quotations for such sales as well…

At least that way, the danger of past history having a negative effect on pricing is considerably limited.
(Once the quotation is signed, it’s too late, even price revision can’t help much)

In any event, we’re in a time where supplier prices are increased all so frequently.

I’m not sure which logic you want to apply but I’m sure you know how to do the calculations.
So once you did your calculations you can just add it as variable on the formula and then use it.
Here is an example on how to add new fields to the price list formula:

Ok, I’ll take a look. Thanks.

The part I miss, and I wonder if it has already been or is being addressed, is the link between the sales process and the related supplier quotation requests, which in many industries tightly coupled.

That is, a customer asks for a quotation for something, the dependent suppliers are then consulted, and the resulting prices are reflected with eventually value added services and, of course, a certain margin.

Without some formal coupling, how is it possible to easily keep track of what supplier products to order based upon a confirmed sales order at the quotation prices?

Such link is provided by the sale_supply module when the “Supply on Sale” flag is activated for the product.
Otherwise, the products are provisioned based on stock demand, so they are not linked to a specific sale but to all of the demand of the company.