How to manage Uom Conversion


I would like to know manage Uom Conversions for sales and purchases.

For example, we buy boxes of eggs (720 units) , and we sell by the cartons (30 units), by the dozen and by the unit, every one with different price.

Do I need to create a different product with different UOM, for example:

  • Box of eggs
  • Carton of eggs
  • Dozen of egss
  • Eggs by Unit

Or there is a better way to manage it?

Thanks in advance!

There is not a unique way to manage that.
It depends on many things like:

  • if you want to convert/sell by different unit (like opening box to take units etc.).
  • if you need to produce the different boxes
  • if you need to track how much of each kind of boxes
  • etc.

For the different prices if you are going to use a single product, you should use price list to compute a price depending on the quantity.

Usually we buy eggs boxes and after it start to sell, by units, dozens or carton. We don’t have an specific method to produce or classify new boxes, only specific quantities (12, 30, and so on).

If there is possible will be better but not so important.

We don’t want to have many products but want to have a better control with purchases especially.

Thanks in advance.