How to manage disassembling productions?

Below I will detail a simple example:
On one hand, I have a BOM which consists of disassembling a product to obtain some other products:


  • ProductX


  • Product2
  • Product3
  • Product4
  • Product5

On the other hand, I have the next BOM tree to produce a product which consumes some of the products disassembled:

· Product1 (1u)
    ·· Product2 (1u)
        ··· ProductX (1u)
    ·· Product3 (1u)
        ··· ProductX (1u)

So if I take a look to the BOM tree, I can think that I will need 2 units of ProductX, isn’t it? But the true is that only with one unit i will obtain Product2 and Product3 (and some others).

I have doubts on how to manage properlly this kind of situations with dissassembling productions. The only related issue I found is Negative quantities in productions (#3288) · Issues · Tryton / Tryton · GitLab .

Any help is appreciated.

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But not Tryton :slight_smile:

On what topic?

What I can deduce from your answer is that this is the correct way to manage disassembling productions and althought the BOM tree may confuse users it won’t be a problem as Tryton should create automatically the corresponding requests. Am I right?

Yes if it picks this disassembling BoM when computing the production requests.

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Not sure at all if it is working as you say. After testing it I saw that Tryton is generating more production requests than the needed ones.

I also found Optimize for disassembly (#6851) · Issues · Tryton / Tryton · GitLab so If I am not wrong it’s needed resolve this issue to work as expected.